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FOLIGRAY Review – Say No To Gray Hair, Really?

Truth is finally revealed! FOLIGRAY Review to summarize everything about this product.


At any stage of life, no matter what is age or whether you are a male or a female, there is a time when we suffer from one big visible problem, which is gray hair.

Graying hair has been the most visible problems for both males and females. 

It can happen if you are of age, or by some other problems or deficiency, your hair turns to gray. However, there is a solution to this problem, and people are making the most of it.

It is a supplement for people who suffer from premature hair graying. Not only this, but this supplement also has other nutrients as well, which helps to restore lost hair follicles too. 

The manufacturer of this supplement is Vita balance inc. Domiciled in Virginia, the USA, assure that this product prevents further loss of hair pigment and follicles.

As this product contains biotin (a keratin booster), it helps to boost hair growth. 

Foligray helps to support gray hair support, whether you grow old, but your hair will stay young.

Quick Interesting Facts:

o  Name of Product: Folexin

o  Manufacturer: Vita Balance

o  Product location during production: Richmond, Virginia in the USA


Buy Foligray
Buy Foligray

These ingredients are crushed into powdered form and then fill them up in vegetarian-friendly capsules. It is easy to swallow, and you can see the result in no time.

Foligray is easy to consume as it is in the form of a capsule that is packed with nutrients and ingredients, which helps hair to grow with health and gives support to hair pigmentation.

Along with hair growth, the new hair follicles are healthy and strong and gives a new look to older people who use this supplement to prevent hair damage and stop existing hair pigmentation.

Foligray is a well-known supplement which supports people’s hair who suffers from hair pigmentation and hair loss problem. It has both the effects of solving hair pigmentation and hair loss.

It helps the hair to be strong and thick and helps to control hair loss, especially in older people who suffer from hair problems. 


Foligray is very useful for people who wish to have proper hair growth. Other than hair pigmentation and hair growth, there are more benefits of using this supplement.

Some of the benefits are:

● Speeding up hair growth

● Nourishing hair follicles

● Contains ingredients which are thoroughly researched

● Reduces stress and prevents hair loss

● May stop premature graying of hair

● Suitable for people above 18 years of age

● Enriching hair pigmentation

After using this supplement, especially older people can feel young from outside as it changes the appearance of hair and makes it look healthier and fuller.

Along with these benefits, Foligray also prevents stress as the ingredients in it help to relieve stress and its symptoms, as stress is one of the main causes of hair loss and hair damage.

In addition, the pill is made from a vegetarian-friendly capsule, which can easily dissolve when digested.

There is no problem in taking this pill as the ingredients are safe and can cause no harm if taken according to the recommended dosage.


Foligray Ingredients
Foligray Ingredients label

Ingredients of Foligray are mostly derived from the USA and some from other countries as well.

These ingredients are thoroughly checked for their originality and purity, and the manufacturer wants to keep the ingredients all-natural without going through any process.

Some of the main ingredients of Foligray includes:

This is one of the main ingredients in Foligray. It is an enzyme that helps to reduce hydrogen peroxide levels in our hair follicles.

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidative chemical that damages hair follicles and hair structure. Catalase helps to reduce hydrogen peroxide and to maintain the existing hair color. 


This acid is also known as vitamin B5, which we get from a natural diet and through supplements as well.

Some studies suggest that when they’re a high level of Pantothenic acid in the body, the hair becomes healthy and has healthy volume hair with quality and pigmentation.

Regarding its work of preventing gray hair symptoms, vitamin B5 also is known as a stress reliever. This vitamin also prevents hair from getting damaged due to styling chemicals.


When biotin is combined with zinc, as this combination is used in Foligray, this helps to prevent hair loss.


Copper is a mineral when in a low amount in the body, it tends to develop gray hair.


Fo-ti is also known as polygonum multiflorum, is a famous Chinese herb that supports hair growth.

Its benefits are not thoroughly studied by western researchers; however, it has been used to support natural hair growth and hair pigmentation.

It is used to not only prevent and stop hair pigmentation but also it is used to restore black hair pigmentation. 

Other ingredients which are used to make Foligray include:

● Folic acid

● Zinc oxide

● Horsetail extract

● Saw palmetto berries

● L-tyrosine

● Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

● Plant sterols

● Nettle root

● Chlorophyll extract

● Barley grass juice powder


hair pigmentation Graph
Hair Pigmentation

From experience, Foligray should and can be used to stop hair pigmentation. Although it cannot be used to restore the original color of hair, it can stop and prevent hair from turning gray.

In addition, it helps hair loss and gives hair a proper growth with volume and thickness.

Foligray helps to prevent from going bald and stops graying as well. As there is biotin in this supplement, this helps to improve the quality of nails, as biotin is a keratin booster that helps hair, nails to be better, and improves the quality.

Foligray is effective for people who want to stop their hair from turning greyer and hair loss.

People who have been using this product are satisfied and have shown results in improved hair quality and hair pigmentation.

Foligray is safe and easy to use as it comes in the form of a capsule. All the natural ingredients are packed inside the small pill, which creates an impact of a powerful effect on hair and causes positive effects to stop hair from damaging and preventing hair loss. 


Ingredients used in Foligray are natural. Therefore, it is safe to use. However, copper, if use in large amounts, can be unsafe. Some of the side effects of copper can cause:

● Nausea

● Diarrhea

● Vomiting

● Overdosing may cause toxicity such as rashes and itching

● High dose may cause blood pressure

● Kidney failure

Therefore, it is always recommended to use the given amount of pill and does not exceed the amount of pill as it may be dangerous.

It is better to consult the doctor before taking any pills or consult if you are on other medications before starting this supplement.

Even though the ingredients used in Foligray are natural and safe from any side effects, however, overdosing of some ingredients might cause the problem to people who are allergic or any other problem.


Foligray Price Table
Foligrey Price Table

Well, the best way to buy this product is to buy from its Official Website. This website can offer you different prices of the products along with discount packages.

The website is

However, one bottle of Foligray contains 60 pills, which can cost $25. Two bottles with 120 pills will cost $45.

Four bottles with one bottle free containing 300 pills offer will cost $90.

There are time-to-time offers which come on its website so from there you can have more at little price.

Other online sources might as well have this supplement, but it is better to buy from the original website to prevent scams or fake products.



Foligray is a supplement that not only supports hair growth but also stops and prevents hair from turning grey.

As it does not support to restore the original color of hair so it cannot be used for that purpose. Foligray prevents hair from turning grayer and give hair a better hair quality and growth.

Foligray is available on its Official Website with different price ranges. It can be used by people above the age of 18 and cannot be used by pregnant and those who are on other medications.

For that, you have to consult your doctor if you can use this product to prevent any further problems.

Ingredients used in this supplement are all-natural and are safe from any harmful side effects.

Foligray is in the form of a capsule hatch that is vegetarian-friendly and can easily be used by people who are vegetarian.

However, overdosing might lead to some problems. Therefore, it is better to use the recommended amount of Foligray.

I hope, you have found this FOLIGRAY Review helpful and for more informative and helpful content please visit the other articles or blogs of our website!

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