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The Grey Hair Cure 2021- What Causes It And How To Stop It

Gray hair is a sign of aging, but it could occur due to health issues. The main reason behind grey hair is aging.

In the early 20s or 30s, some may find a single strand of grey hair that is not related to aging but the health issue.

It’s truly a part of life. This phase comes to everyone at a specific age.

What Is Grey Hair?

Well, if you don’t know about what actually the grey hair is, no worries. Let us explain. It is a normal hair that lacks Melanin.

Grey hair occurs due to a low percentage of melanin in the hair. It may look white or turn white with the passage of time.

Some women face a few grey hair phases in their 30s, but when men or women reach their 50s or 60s, the grey hair percentage on the scalp increase from 5% ton50%. So you can say that in the 50s half of the headcovers with grey hair.

Grey hair is basically due to a lack of melanin, and it is the mixture of normally pigmented hair that combines with the white ones.

Hair turns grey than white due to a lack of pigment (melanin) production.

There are so many causes of grey hair. Many treatments and natural remedies are available to cure grey hair.

Dermatologist Logic behind Gray Hair:

Dermatologist Logic behind Gray Hair

According to many well-known dermatologist reasons for turning into a silver fox is mostly due to:

Genetics is the main cause.  If grey hair is in your genes that later or sooner, you’ll definitely have the hair color changing issue.

The second reason is aging, as with the increase in age, the enzyme production reduces.

This will leads to a breakdown (due to hydrogen peroxide) of melanin in the hair shaft.

Stress is also the reason for having grey or white hair.

The other reason is smoking and medication.


Here are some of the reasons behind having grey hair:

The first reason for having grey hair is genes. Some people develop the grey then white hair due to tot eh hereditary cause.

Grey hair at an early age, this trait comes in the child from father or mother.

Like if your father or mother has to face the issue of developing grey hair, then there is more than a 50% chance that you’ll have grey hair at an early age. Thus the process of changing hair color is mostly inherited.

aging and grey hair

Hair occurs mostly due to aging. As with the increasing hair follicles capability to collect pigmentation decreases. It leads to a decrease in melanin production, and the hair turns grey eventually.


Stress also plays a vital role in turning normal hair into grey. Stress causes some changes in the body. One of the drawbacks of stress is the reduction in a chemical reaction.

The decrease in body chemical reaction will cease the pigmentation. Melanin reduction leads to grey hair, no matter whatever your age is.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Reason for having grey hair is a bad lifestyle. Due to poor diet and unhealthy habits, the pigmentation process in our body reduces.

It leads to the reduction of colored pigments and causes white or grey hair.

smoking and grey hair

Smoking decreases/declines the body’s ability to process oxygen, which leads to cell death.

Mostly in older adults, the cell regrowth does not occur so quickly that it eventually causes dull skin, wrinkles, grey or white hair, and loss of hair.

To cell death, the chemical reaction ceased, or in some people, the cell regrowth stops that is the ultimate reason behind grey hair.

Poor Diet:

The most important and vital thing is to eat healthily. Eating has a major role in our lives.

What we eat matter a lot as eating unhealthy food develops so many diseases. Our body and face literally predict that’s something is wrong inside the body.

Eating unhealthy food not only disturbs your inner system but also badly affects your hair and skin.

To reduce the aging effect and to make your body inner and outer perfect make sure to eat vitamin and mineral-rich food.

Eat a healthy diet that is full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Use supplements that are good for your hair and skin.

Medical Treatment:

Diseases and their treatments have such a bad effect not only on your skin but hair too. For example, cancer, a life-threatening disease, has a worse effect on your skin and hair.

Liver or kidney issues also lead to skin dullness and white or grey hair. Long term use of medication may cause hair to fall or make your hair grey.


hair disorder may cause the changing of hair color. For example, alopecia is the condition in which patches of hair start falling and cause the grey colored hair directly. 

Another condition is vitiligo in which a person loses melanocytes ( cells provide the color pigment) leads to discoloration of hair and eventually, gray hair.

What Grey Hair Tells?

Grey hair not only occurs due to aging or any disease, but it also indicates what is happening inside your body. Here is the list of issue that a grey hair indicates:

Grey hair is linked with heart disease. So if you are facing the grey hair issue, then you might have any heart disease.

Grey hair indicates that you have severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Stress also plays a role and act as a trigger to changing hair color.

Gray hair may tell that your hair follicles are facing any stress or suffering from oxidative stress issues.

How To Stop Grey Hair:

Here are the tips to follow in order to stop the grey hair:

Change your lifestyle.

Vitamins and minerals are the best option to make your skin and hair perfect. Due to vitamin deficiency, one can expect the hair loss of pigmentation and skin dullness occurs.

This could lead to grey hair. So to stop the grey hair makes sure to take an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

Switch to the vegan diet in order to get more minerals and vitamins. As food based on animal products has low vitamins as compared to plant bases food.

B12 is present more in a vegan diet. And it is necessary to take B12 to get healthy skin plus hair.

Massage your hair with the oil and egg. Make sure to apply the egg along with the oil mask once in a week in order to get healthy hair.

The egg has different vitamins and minerals that stop aging or delay aging. It also helps to stop occurring of grey hair at an early age.

Smoking causes the hair to look dull and make it brittle.  Smoking is one of the reasons behind premature aging. To prevent grey hair, don’t forget to quit smoking from your daily routine.

Are you facing the hair loss issue?  Obviously, unhealthy hair leads to hair loss. After hair fall or hair loss when new hair grows back, it will not possess the original color and pigment. Stop using the product that causes hair loss.

Stop bleaching your hair.
bleaching causes grey hair

Avoid using chemical products that are harmful to your scalp and one of the reasons behind having grey hair.

Eliminate the hair tools from your life. As the high-temperature straightener or curler will damage your hair and leads to grey hair.

“Treat your hair gently with full care.”

Use herbal products.

Massage your hair with oil to get healthy hair growth.

Disaster Cause by Bleach:

If you have a habit of bleaching your hair, then stop it now. As bleaching of hair leads to grey hair, hair loss, and even baldness.

Hydrogen peroxide is used in bleaching product that turns your hair grey.  Using hydrogen peroxide is already so harmful to hair.

It blocks the chemical reaction and production of melanocytes. The reduction in melanocyte production leads to loss of hair pigmentation and turns your hair grey.

Treatment for Grey Hair:

Following are the treatment that helps you to prevent grey hair:

A well-known therapy Anti interleukin 17 is the perfect treatment for the scalp issues like scalp psoriasis.

As some hair or scalp related disorders leads to grey hair. So this therapy is essential and plays a prime role in stopping the grey hair.

Minoxidil and Finasteride are also used to prevent grey hair. As these, both treatments increase the pigmentation, increase in melanin production, decrease in grey hair.

Protein supplements are also important to stop grey hair production.

Platelet Rich Plasma is the new treatment that works perfectly for hair loss and to stop the grey hair.

Just take 5 to 6 sessions depends on your hair condition in order to get the desired result.

PRP is the most advanced treatment that has the best results. It increases the hair follicles and ultimately increases the production of melanocytes.

These were some technology or therapy-related treatments for the grey hair. If you are looking to stop the aging process natural or to cure the grey hair with the natural treatments.

Here Is The List Of Herbal Treatments For You:

  • Use amla to reduce grey hair production. As it contains vitamin C and antioxidants. It will help you to prevent grey hair.
  • Ayurvedic herbs are best to stop grey hair production. It is one of the natural medicine that has been used by people for centuries. It helps to reduce the grey hair.
  • Black sesame seeds and chamomile are also used to treat the grey hair.
  • Coconut oil treatment is considered miraculous in order to stop grey hair production.
  • Henna and curry leaves are also used to prevent grey hair.
  • Onion contains antioxidant catalase that helps to slow down the premature aging process.
  • Rosemary also used to darken the hair. It does not stop the grey hair but plays a vital role in darkening the grey hair.
  • Wheatgrass contains many nutrients; thus, it is best to use for grey hair prevention.

Thus there are so many remedies that help you to prevent grey hair. One can choose the natural remedy according to their own choice.

The main thing is to stay consistent in order to get the desired result. Natural remedies results do not occur overnight, one has to stay patient in order to get the desired results. Natural remedies are most better than therapies.

It has no side effects. Even if the remedy does not work for your hair still if it leaves some positive effects on your hair.

For example, if coconut oil does not prevent grey hair production, but it will still make your hair look healthy and shiny. It also increases your hair growth.

Vitamin and minerals are important to get the desired results. Take an adequate amount of vitamins that help to reduce the aging process and prevent grey hair production. Administer a healthy lifestyle and vitamins to get fast results.

Natural remedies are far better than going for the artificial instant results remedies.


In this, we have discussed the grey hair. The reason behind having grey hair is genetic, stress, smoking, medication, aging, and sports lifestyle.

One can stop or prevent grey hair production through different therapies and natural remedies.

There is a cure for grey hair, but one has to stay persistent in order to get the desired results.

There are so many treatments available to prevent grey hair. You can choose the one that meets your needs.

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