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Guide to Hair Loss for Women – Exciting info about Hair Fall

A detailed “Guide to Hair Loss for Women” is present for you. Invest in your hair because it is the crown that you never take off but more than grooming the thing that matters is head full cover with hair.

Hair plays a vital role in enhancing your beauty and personality. Especially for women, hair is the major beauty element.

Women with long and thick hair look more appealing and beautiful.

Here is the guide to prevent hair loss for women.

Importance of Hair:

Importance of Hair

Hair is an important part of the body. That’s why there is a hell lot of products either organic or non-organic available in markets.

People use supplements to make their hair grow faster and thick. One must take care of their hair for the sake of beauty.

Well, hair loss is a natural process, one cannot stop it. But we can prevent it and the causes behind it.

Hair loss in the late 40s is something natural but if you’ve lost hair while in your 20s 30s that is something to worry about.

In the hair cycle, the shedding of old hair is a must. With the increasing age, the capacity of the body to make the new hair slows down, and hair loss occurs.

This mechanism of hair growth is similar to the bone. But losing hair at an early age is due to many deficiencies and diseases.

What Is Hair?

Hair Diagram
Hair Structure

Hair is a keratin and protein combination. It grows from the structure called follicles. Our scalp contains a dead cell that’s why we never feel any pain during hair loss or hair cut.

Blood vessels in the scalp nourish the hair and play a vital role in growth. The hormones deliver to the hair bulb increases the hair growth and structure.

There is an oil gland that presents between the scalp and hair. It helps to make the hair look shiny and soft.

Hair Cycle:

Hair cycle Graph
Hair Cycle

There are four stages of the hair cycle:

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen
  • Exogen

Hair Facts:

Here are some of the facts that one must know before we move towards the hair loss:

  • There are 100,000 follicles present in our heads.
  • With the growing age, the follicles stop growing. This is the reason people face hair loss in old age.
  • There are two types of hair follicles i.e. round and flat. Thus round follicles tend to grow longer hair as compared to flat follicles.
  • Radiations from the sun damage the hair but it does not cause permanent loss.
  • 50-150 hair strands shed per day.
  • It is the second quick-growing tissue.
  • Hair growth time is different, sometimes 90% of the hair start growing while 10% stays at rest.
  • The total lifespan of a single hair strand in 5-10 years.

Hair Loss in Women:

Hair Loss in Women

It is the loss of hair from the head. It not specifically limited to the head but also to other parts of the body.

Hair loss starts from the small area and covers the full head in some people. It is the misconception of people that men only suffer from hair loss. In fact, women also face hair loss and baldness issues.

There are so many things a woman faced in old age. But a woman has to maintain a healthy diet and nutrients to stop the aging effects.

One of the main drawbacks of aging is hair loss. Most women experienced hair loss in the late 30s and during the menopause period. The medical term one can use for baldness is alopecia.

50% of women spend the whole life with full head cover while some of them face hair loss. As we all know women are sensitive creature so even little stress affect them badly.

Hair loss is normal among men and women. As hair has to fall after the completion of the growth phase but losing more than 100 hair per day is something that you must worry about.

If you feel that the hair is falling on a regular basis, all of a sudden bunch of hair is falling, having so much hair on comb or brush, visible scalp. Then you must visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Hair loss is the term used for hair thinning, baldness, and hair fall. There are different types of hair loss. Though all the above-mentioned terms have the same meaning, the types are different.

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Causes of Hair Loss:

Following are the causes of hair loss:

Unhealthy Food:

Hair growth mainly depends on vitamins and nutrients. The hair growth cycle is disturbed if you do not provide enough nutrients to it.

A poor diet is somehow the main culprit behind hair loss. Lack of vitamin in food not only leads to hair loss but also other health issues.

Taking food with high sugar disturbs your hormones and leads to hair loss. Some food triggers hair loss.

One has to choose a healthy and balanced diet. Excess or lack of food both is harmful. You must maintain your diet and take a healthy plus balanced diet to maintain your health.

Some people switch to unhealthy diet plans. Such kinds of diet plan especially crash diet also cause hair loss.


Stress or any emotional trauma is another cause of hair loss. It is most common in women as compared to men. Stress weak your hair and follicles.

As women are more emotional and take more stress. Telogen effluvium is the condition in which a person’s face severe hair loss due to stress.

Iron Deficiency:

Iron deficiency leads to anemia and it leads to hair loss. In this condition, the body goes into the survival mode and use oxygen for vital functions.

Thus the loss of oxygen to hair follicles weakens the hair and causes hair loss.


It could cause hair thickening at the face but the loss of hair might occur in it. PCOS leads to thinning of hair, in this, the hair follicles become weak and eventually hair loss.

Medical Condition:

The hair follicles are related to the health plus endocrine function. Hair loss also occurs due to diseases like cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.

Chemotherapy is the cause of balding in cancer patients. People with less active thyroid gland also face hair loss.

Fungal Infection:

Hair loss also occurs due to fungal infections like ringworm. In this, the affected area of the scalp becomes itchy, red and leads to baldness. It also starts from a single pimple that leads to baldness.


Most women face hair loss issues due to changes in hormones. During childbirth, there might be some changes occurs and those changes are directly linked to hair loss.

Birth Control Pills:

Contraceptives also play a role in hair loss. Some women face baldness or hair loss before and after taking the pills. As the pills disturb hormones of the body that causes hair loss.

Hair Dye/Styling:

Hair plays an important role in enhancing beauty. Especially for women, hair plays a vital role to increase their beauty.

Some woman loves to do styling or some go for simple braid. Well for styling purposes many hair tools and sprays are used.

These tools and sprays make the hair weak and eventually hair fall. Similarly, dyes contain the chemical that makes your hair look good temporary but cause severe damage later on.

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Types of Hair Loss:

Following are the types of hair loss:

  • Lessen hairline.
  • Thinning of hair.
  • Shedding.
  • Damage to hair protein cause breakage near the scalp.
  • Bald patches.
  • Full scalp baldness.

Treatment of Hair Loss:

Treatment of Hair Loss

Hair is an important part of the body. If you face baldness or any issues regarding hair then treat it immediately.

The treatments include therapies and home remedies. Here is the effective treatment of hair loss:


There are so many supplements that are present to treat hair loss. There is some topical medication available for hair loss.

Minoxidil and Rogaine both are used to treat hair loss. This topical medication stops the progression of hair loss. Corticosteroids are also helpful to suppress the loss of hair.

Low-Level Laser Therapy:

It is an effective treatment to re-grow the hair. This treatment is best to reverse hair loss in women.

One can do this laser therapy at home and clinics. It may take 2-4 months to show results.

Botanical based treatment:

It includes the supplements made from natural ingredients. In this the medicines are made from turmeric, palmetto, vitamins, rosemary oil, etc.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

Injection of platelet-rich plasma is effective to treat hair loss. In this treatment doctors first, draw the person blood, separate the platelets and inject the plasma rich platelets back to the scalp. It will increase tissue repair and stops hair loss.

Hair Transplant:

If no medicine, therapies, and remedies work then go for the hair transplant surgery.


In this, we have discussed the hair loss causes and treatment. One has to take care of their hair in order to look healthy yet beautiful.

Focus your diet, avoid food the triggers hair loss, treat your disease. There are so many effective treatments for hair loss that chose the one that suits you.

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