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Hair Revital X Review – A Big Time Scam Or Great Product

Hair Revital X Review – What do you don’t know yet!

You must have come across people who judge your age from the receding and thinning of your hair! They have the assumption that you are either probably 5-10 years older or going through some health issues.

But you need to know that receding hair or thinning hair does not indicate your age or your fading beauty. It can be an indicator or symptom of an underlying health problem. 

Though age has a vital role in hair loss, still, medical conditions, genetics, and hormonal imbalances all play a significant role in the thinning of hair. So, every person suffering from this want to know how their hair can grow back your receding as well as thinning hair?

Surely, you can grow back your hair. Many products are available in the market for your ease and comfort.

But every other product is not trustworthy because it is not as effective as it should be and according to their claim.

But it is nearly impossible to comment on every other product. Our article will shed light on Hair Revital X. 

It is widely believed that this formula supports the regrowth of natural hair as well as protects hair against hair loss.

So the question arises that are these claims true? Does this formula of hair loss work really effective? Have a look at the article to know about Hair Revital X. 

What is Hair Revital X?

Buy Hair Revital X
Buy Hair Revital X

In simpler words, this is an advanced supplement designed for hair regrowth which targets, both men and women.

Saw Palmetto extract is the main ingredient in this formula. Clinically, this formula is popular for stimulating the cycle of hair growth.

There is more inside it. It has four more hair restoring blends in it. Scientific research also supports it.

The working of these ingredients is in perfect synergy for supporting the balanced DHT. This hormone is responsible for the ongoing hair loss. 

Hair Revital X is very easy and convenient to use because it is available in two forms, a topical spray as well as an oral supplement both. 

Who Is The Company?

Definitely, a layman wants to know about the manufacturer of this product.

Zenith Labs is a famous company behind the manufacturing of this great supplement.

Zenith Labs is famous for offering different and natural supplements. The more exciting thing is that the supplements are customized, which aims to resolve different concerns related to health.

The company holds pride in manufacturing its every product under the certificate of cGMP. The company only uses natural ingredients in its manufacturing.

The company, itself claims to test the product continuously while the manufacturing process to meet the quality standards and deliver the best quality and top-notch product. 

How does it Work?

In most of the cases, Due to aging, hair tends to recede and thin up. This happens merely because of your dropping hormone levels of DHT.

As your DHT hormones start to imbalance, normally, it sends the message to hair follicles for stopping hair growth.

You must have a look at PubMed research, which will confirm that DHT is the real culprit behind your premature hair loss.

You must have a routine checkup of DHT balance for stimulating your hair growth again. It works by switching back to one of its main ingredients, Saw Palmetto, for hair regrowth. 

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Ingredients List Of Hair Revital X

Hair Revital X Ingredients label back
Hair Revital X Ingredients label front

Seminole, the Indian tribe, used Saw Palmetto as the remedy for hair loss for centuries. Also, many types of research the fact that this ingredient is helpful in balancing the DHT levels for stimulating hair growth as well as preventing hair loss.

There are many publications that acknowledged and confirmed the role of Saw Palmetto in hair health. 

According to another study, people who used Saw Palmetto for three months, they had lower levels of DHT hormones.

The formula a lot of other ingredients blends, beside the real extract of Saw Palmetto. The ingredient blends present in the formula make sure for optimal results.

The Re-growth Extender Blend:

Every ingredient of this blend tested scientifically, is famous for leading to denser hair by 184%. 

They are also good to support the follicles in spending four times extra time in the cycle of regrowth. 

However, the research supports all of the ingredients well for helping in the regrowth of hair through improving the cycles of the hair follicle.

For instance, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Vitamin A, Palmitate, Phytosterols, and Zinc are the ingredients present in the oral spray.

Apigenin (commonly found compound in the herbs such as chamomile) and Centella (Asian Pennywort) are present in the topical spray.

Anti-Genetics Blend:

Major hair loss occurs in some of the cases when the body produces higher levels of DHT hormones because of genetics.

You can guess from its name; this blend comprises all the potent ingredients which are capable enough to fight against the genetic issues. So, your DHT levels get lower down and result in healthier hair. 

So, the blends of this ingredient like Rosemary extract and Carthamus Thistle Extract are present in the topical spray.

Pygeum Bark Extracts:

When your hair turns to be brittle, stringy, and grey, there is no sense of regrowing it. Scientifically, the ingredients present in this hair supplement make your hair thick and healthy. It is because of stimulating growth.

Indeed, Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (Vitamin B6), Folic Acid, Biotin, and L-Cysteine are present inside the Healthy Hair Blend’s oral formula.

Ingredients like Biotinoyl Tri-Peptide 1(an amino acid) and Panax Ginseng are present in the topical spray.

The Deep Absorption Blend:

This ingredient is designed for helping the remaining blends for penetrating deep inside the follicles and scalp. This helps in the stimulation of regrowth of hair.

There are three main ingredients in the blend that help in the absorption are used readily all over the health community.

Lecithin is present in it. This is the common thickener commonly present in capsaicin and egg yolks. Butylene Glycol is the compound available commonly in vegetable and fruit sugars.

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Side Effects

The manufacturer claims to manufacture the product, Hair Revital X according to international standards. Moreover, the capsules of every batch undergo tests at the facility of cGMP certification.

Besides this, completely pure and natural ingredients are present in the formula. Therefore, this hair supplement is completely safe for daily use. Still, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting to use it.

How to Use It

Hair Revital X Before and After

The company recommends taking capsules in an empty stomach with water at room temperature.

The topical formula is perfect for applying a thin layer on the scalp with thin hair. You need not rub it on the scalp to absorb it or apply a very thick layer.

Where to Buy and Pricing

This formula can be bought online. Buying from the Official Website will give you the best possible prices.

On the other side, the onetime purchase of 90 days’ supply will cost $117

It will cost only $198 for a package of 180 days. A lot of money is saved. The company is providing free shipping. 



This doctor-formulated formula is good for all genders. It is available in capsule form and spray form. It has a money-back guarantee of six months. It has no side effects.

Moreover, it nourishes your hair from the roots and restores its appearance and its texture. Hair falling gets under control. DNA gets repair for thick, long, and healthy hair.


It is only available online, so it needs to be dependent on the internet.

Final Verdict

Hair Revital X certainly works and is a powerful product. All the scientifically, as well as clinically, ingredients are present in the supplement. It is good enough to prevent thinning of hair and supports natural regrowth.

It provides a money-back guarantee so you can have good hair or get your money back. So make sure you buy this product if you are suffering from thinning hair and receding hair too.

Not to worry much about it when this supplement is present. You can use it; if not satisfied, you can return it within no time due to the money-back guarantee of the product.

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