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CAN WE REGROW HAIR? What Are The Chances?

Are you trying to search for some solutions that can help you regrow hair? Then, you don’t need to waste time looking here and there.

This article will surely help you in finding out the reason and solution for hair fall.

Read the sections below and decide for yourself. 

Reasons for Hair Fall

Hair Fall

The first thing you should try to find out is the reason due to which you are facing hair fall. Knowing these reasons is quite important because it will help you in dealing with the issue more accurately.

Miniaturization starts to happen at your hair follicles due to which your hair starts to fall.

Now, there might be a question bombarding your mind: What do we mean by miniaturization?

Don’t worry! We will tell you everything. Miniaturization is a process in which the hair follicle starts to shrink gradually.

Later on, the diminution of your hair starts to occur until the hair follicle completely damages.

The remaining small and tiny hair at your scalp also starts to fall. Moreover, no new hair grows back again. 

However, this type of hair fall is genetic. It happens due to a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone. You can also call it DHT.

DHT is a by-product (extract) of testosterone. DHT holds the follicle tightly.

Afterward, the hair follicle shrinks. This shrinking can mostly occur at your temple, in front of your head, or your crown.

It is one of the reasons why boys usually lose their hair around their backs and sides. 

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Can We Regrow Hair?

Many of you must be wondering about the possibility of regrowing your hair. Can you regrow your hair?

We will say that the answer is neither yes nor no. Regrowth of your hair depends upon your hair follicle.

If your hair follicle is closed, vanished, scarred, and has not generated new hair for years, then the possibility of new hair growth is zero.

However, if your hair follicle is not damaged or broken completely, then there are chances that new hair will grow once again.

There is also a possibility that the health of your existing hair that is very thin will improve after time. 

What Can We Do To Regrow Hair?

As we have already told you, regrowing hair depends upon the reason for hair fall. Your hair follicles will predict whether regrowing hair is possible or not.

Now moving forward, there are some solutions through which you can regrow hair. But it is only possible if you are eligible for it.

Let’s discuss a few of the common and uncommon solutions to regrowing hair. Select one that suits best for your condition. 

Plasma Injections:
Plasma Injections for regrow hair

This term might sound new to you because it is one of the latest introductions in the field of dermatology.

Platelet-rich plasma injections, also known as PRP, were available in other medical fields for many years. But dermatologists have been using it for the past five years.

In this method, the doctor will take out some blood and growth factors from the person suffering hair loss.

Afterward, he will inject it back into his scalp, where he is facing hair loss. However, studies are still going on to discover more about this treatment.

But the doctors are quite hopeful regarding the promising output from this treatment. 

Oral Medicine:

People who are looking for the best solution to deal with androgenetic alopecia must know that Finasteride is a gem for them.

This supplement is available under the names of Propecia and Proscar (brands). It is useful for treating hair loss, especially in men.

This supplement is an oral medication. Women can also use it as a treatment for excess hair growth.

Doctors recommend it to transgender women for hormone therapy. You can buy this supplement on a dermatologist prescription or by using mail subscriptions.

Young men can also use this capsule to slow down the hair loss process by taking medicine regularly.

This supplement starts to work after inhibiting (biding) an enzyme. It slows the activity of the enzyme, which can cause hair loss.

According to some research, 90 percent of the patients were able to gain their hair back or maintain the strength of their hair within a five year time. 

Herbal Medicines:

You might be familiar with the highly popular herb Saw Palmetto. If not, then go through this section and find out more about this herb. Firstly, it is an extract of the fruit.

This extract is beneficial for various purposes. But here we will be talking about its benefits for hair fall. 

Previously, this herb was an option for treating gents with prostate issues. In the same way, these days, men commonly use it as a substitute to Finasteride.

Saw palmettos block the activity of a few of the receptors in your hair follicles that activate androgenetic alopecia. 

Other than Saw Palmetto, there are some more natural botanical products through which you can stop or delay the process of hair growth.

You can use these herbs as supplements or topical medication. Some of them are:

  • Ginseng and extracts of B6 horsetail 
  • Pumpkin seeds and rosemary
  • Chamomile
  • Zinc and vitamin

Doctors suggest that any ingredients from the list or a combo of some of them are really helpful for activating the follicle growth. They also improve and recover the health of your scalp or hair. 

Moreover, Nutrafol is one of the fastest-selling hair supplements for men these days.

It is a blend of multivitamins. People are noticing thick, shiny, and healthy growth of hair after using this supplement.

It fights against the hair loss that happens because of inflammation, hormonal imbalance, stress, environmental toxins, and genetics. 

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Topical Medication:
Topical Medication to regrow hair

Some people are complaining about the side effects of Finasteride. According to them, due to this supplement, they are noticing a reduction in their sexual desire.

A few of them are saying that this drug is ineffective. But wait! You don’t need to stress out.

There is an alternate of Finasteride that one can easily find and use. That alternate is Minoxidil, which is also known as Rogaine. Minoxidil is a topical medicine.

Topical medicines are medicines that a person can apply to their body or any particular place as a treatment.

Minoxidil is available almost everywhere. It helps to stimulate your hair growth. The medication aims to activate the potassium channels in your hair follicles.o

Therefore, it helps to grow hair and prostaglandins. Prostaglandin is a compound that tends to support hair growth. It maintains the cycle of hair growth for a longer time.

However, it is better that you consult your dermatologist before using topical medicines. They will guide you on the best route for regrowing hair. 

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What Should You do Now?

Firstly, if you have a family background of androgenetic alopecia and thinning hair, then it is better that you consult with a dermatologist.

Discuss every problem with him, and he will tell you the best ways or treatments through which you can prevent hair loss. They will ask you for different sit-ups and help you to deal with the problem.

Moreover, try to follow a proper hand healthy diet. Take care of the hygiene of your hair and scalp so that it will maintain the health of your existing hair. Ask your dermatologist for a shampoo that supports strengthening the hair.


In a nutshell, YES, you can regrow your hair. But only if you lie under the terms and conditions.

It means that family history, condition of your scalp, and the health of your hair follicles matters a lot. After seeing some of these requirements, the doctor will decide whether to give you a supplement or not. Thus, take advice from your dermatologist and do not take hair loss as a light matter. 

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