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Straighten Hair:

It is a perfect choice and place for you if you wish to have smooth, sleek, and Straighten Hair. Who will not wish to look stunning and attractive? After all, hair decides about your overall personality and looks.

Nicely done hairstyles with straight and sleek styles may help to be and feel super gorgeous. You will feel more beautiful and polished, even on your office job or the dinner dates.

No matter if you wish to have straight hair for an event only on a temporary basis, straightening hair is a process even if you do not wish to straighten your hair every day. 

Everyone wishes to wake up with a beautiful hairstyle, so it is not less than a dream come true. In reality, a good hairstyle needs a lot of efforts and ample time to get your desired hairstyle and looks.

However, if the person wishes for a specific look that he/ she loves, then he/ she will be likely to be up for a challenge.

If you like to have a hairstyle and get loads of attention, then you need to invest effort and time. We will surely help you to get that hairstyle and maintain its looks

The Impossible Stage:

Let’s start with the very first thing that people with kinky or curly and great voluminous hair may not be able to get sleek hairstyles, which they wish for. But in reality, the scenario is completely different.

No doubt, you must be thinking that women and men with straighten hair naturally are blessed people, but still, even they need to tame out the frizz and flyways of their hair. 

Make sure you never feel like the natural hair is a curse and lead you to a total fiasco. You may start thinking to straighten them up and make the desired changes and settings for straightening them up.

You may look forward to the desired best possible outcomes. It is not at all possible that every other person may get beautiful straight hair in just a few minutes; instead, everyone may get their desired straight hair look. 

The final results will have a big difference due to all the preparations you do for straightening. The process can also speed up and get faster beyond your thoughts if you know about the ways of making your job easier.

A thorough understanding of the techniques used for straightening will provide you much natural look hairstyle at the end. So, it does not matter much.

Let’s get started.

Hair Preparation:

women straightening her hair with hair straightener

You may have the final goal of styling your hair, but the process does not have only this part in it.

You have to prepare your hair as much as you can, and it is possible, so your hair straightens up as per your wishes and hopes. These preparations are mandatory and extremely important if your hair is frizzy or textured. 

So, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should not wash your hair on the day of straightening. It may sound to be completely disgusting and a nuisance.

But it will matter because straightening washed and cleaned hair is a much difficult task and will require ample of your time. 

The hair washed the day before will have their essential and natural oils of the scalp that will make them more pliable and manageable. These overnight hair will be capable enough to hold back your hairstyle that you want it to get and maintain.

The usage of flat irons and hair dryers make your hair get the look but at the cost of smoothness of hair. Your hair will get dry surely, and working on them will get very tough, so you must get the easy hair to work on as the first baby step. It will save you time and give you quality work with lesser efforts. 

Secondly, soak up your hair in some good hair protectant and let the hair soak for overnight. Your hair gets the protection of argan oil with the help of sprays like an HSI professional. This helps in the hydration of hairs and provides protection from heat. 

In order to get straighten and beautiful hair with the help of flat irons and blow dryers, you should make efforts to include a spray that has the property of heat protectant.

Therefore, it will shield your entire hair against any sort of typical damage. Without any protector, you may get split ends and will have to get a haircut for healthy hair.

Sprays with the ingredient, argan oil will help the hair in retaining its elasticity. This will let you have any hairstyle ranging from straight hair to curled hair; it can be any hairstyle you want without letting your hair to be dry and brittle.

Lastly, people with long hair for braid must tie them loosely at night, particularly at bedtime, if you have textured hair. But people with straighten hair will look to do it on their wish, in contrast to people with textured hair will definitely do this.

Tying a loose braid in your hair will maintain the full and smooth texture of the hair. The curly hairs can have wavy hair instead of getting full ringlets. This will be an easier step to start with and straighten your hair a little bit.

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Selecting a straightener:

straighteners for Straighten Hair

The jigsaw puzzle completes itself when you select the right straightener for your hair. A straightener of good quality will help you get your desired hairstyle.

It can affect the hairstyle you will finally get in the end. If you select a cheaper hair straightener, which is a real dud, you will not just waste your hard-earned money, but also, there will be a lot of risk of damaging hair.

So, choose the most highly rated straightener and with good customer reviews.

There are free good options available for a straightener, the market from which you can choose so you can decide about the final look of your hair.

You have various options to select from, ranging from an ionic hairbrush, flat combos, or hot irons.

Let us consider the different options discussed below:

Flat irons:

flat iron hair straightener

The majority of the people who straighten their hair, they do it with a flat iron. It holds the hair strands between the two ceramic plates to straighten them when you move the hair among them.

A flat iron is a good choice because it is not just easy to use, which makes it user friendly, but also they are easily available at hair supply outlets, drug stores, and grocery stores.

You may even see a lot of flat irons online that will give good straight hair, and they will cost very less. Flat irons like Kipozi flat irons have a great and high heating power at nominal prices.

Such irons will make your hair smooth and will cause no damage to your hair while straightening.

You know that these flat irons are really easy for use; still, you need to detangle hair and brush them while using. You cannot simply get straight hair with flat iron if your hair gets detangle.

You need to brush continuously by using a flat iron in one hand and brush in the other hand.

This might sound and looks difficult to do, but once you start doing it and get used to it, you will manage to do it easily.

Hot Combs:

hot comb hair straightener

These are not really widespread and commonly used like flat irons. Yet they are a very popular straightening tool.

These are specifically used by males and females with the texture of extremely curly hair because you can detangle them easily while straightening.

These combs can easily straighten your hairs by detangling them while you start to straighten them from the top of the hair and running it between the strands. This reduces the brushing time of the hair.

Hot combs have the advantage of getting on the top of your roots so they can reach every stubborn curl of the curly hair.

Though they might come around as a fantasy because of detangling and straightening together, its heated part is equal to the whole length of the comb.

Flat irons do have unheated areas that you can touch, but you have to use a handle to hold hot combs.

You have to wear protective gloves if you don’t want to burn yourself when you come close to the hair. They can burn you as they get to very high heat.

You definitely need to wear gloves to use hot combs because their temperature rises very high like the Andis Hot Comb reach the temperature of 450 degrees.

Iconic hairbrushes:

iconic hairbrushes

Iconic hairbrushes are the latest products in the markets. They are master of three tasks at a time, detangling, drying, and straightening all at one time.

These iconic brushes are round-shaped, commonly that straighten and dry out hair strands through blowing hot air at the same time.

This tool saves your time as you can do all the tasks at once instead of doing it one by one.

Cuticles close down and prevent heat from entering and causing damage when iconic hairbrushes release negative ions in the hair.

This ensures the health and smoothness of hair to last longer than any other heating options.

You will get a voluminous and fluffier look with these hair brushes, which work like straightener and blow dryer at the same time. Enjoy tour better version of sleek and straight hair.

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How to get straighten hair?

This is the start of the fun part; your creation will come together. At the beginning of the straightening process, you must get hold of a few essentials to mark your process to be easy and smooth.

Have some clips, hair ties, hair protect spray bottles and hairbrush. In the case of hot combs, get some gloves too.

If you have long hair, you can brush your braid completely. Even after spraying a protector, there is still a need for spraying a mist. You will have to start the process by taking out your braid (hairstyle) and brush the hair gently and completely.

If you have already sprayed any of the hair protectors one night before, you should spray and use a light type of mist on the entire hair (second time) in order to work on the hair with the help of a brush.

The next step that straightening hair will require is to divide your hair into equal subparts. In simple words, obtain almost 4-6 equal parts.

In order to hold these sub-divisions properly, you can take the help of any clip or hair tie. In other words, wrap this hair in the form of the small bun so that other parts stay out the reach once you are ironing any particular part.

Start your straightening with any of the sections at the front. However, the section which is closer to the ear’s bottom is the best part to start.

What you will have to do is to take any tool and grab that particular root of the selected section. Now, slowly complete your straightening task till the end part.

But yes, never move too slowly, or else it will cause the incoming heat to remain on that tiny section much longer, and the damage is an obvious result.

However, going really fast won’t give the desired and perfect outcome. Thus, you will need to continuously go over that part again and again. In conclusion, move steadily and properly.

Once you complete till the end part, you can initiate and grab the top-most part with the help of your hands and start the entire process again.

It’s better to do the straightening process at least two or three times in order to get a flawlessly straight look.

After that section finishes, untie (unclip) the next possible closest section. This part should be the front part of your hairline, which is near to your forehead. Begin the straightening procedure again, starting with the roots towards the end of your hair strand.

If you are taking the help (support) of your hands, be sure that you grab the root of the hair once the heat moves to the end part of the hair. As a result, it will keep and protect the hands from scorching or burning due to heat.

The heat due to the straightener will remain in the hair for almost thirty seconds, even if you move the heat to any of the other parts of the hair.

Keep in mind, if you intentionally or even by mistake touch the last part of the section just after the iron goes over it, you will feel like you are touching the straightener itself.

Ouch! Is it hurting or scorching your hands? If yes, you should pay full attention and care to whatever you are recently doing as well. However, you can wear or use gloves that are resistant to heat.

Repeat the full process (technique) of straightening on your full head until and unless each and every segment (subdivision) of the hair completes.

Finishing and giving the final flawless touch:

At this particular point, you must be at the end or completion of the hair straightening process (whole head). However, in order to give a perfect, flawless, and beautiful final look to the hair, you must give them the final finishing touch.

In other words, it will require your time so that you can add some additional volume to your hair roots along with smoothening the entire baby hair (flyaway) that are present all around the frontal part of your face.

Although you want the hair to look dead and completely straight, you still won’t be willing to make them look flat and ugly. In other words, there is a huge difference between the flat look and the volume look of your straightened hair. 

Volume to the hair:

women with Volume to the hair

Do you wish to add some additional and natural volume to your hair roots? If yes, it just requires a simple and minimal effort task.

Firstly, anyone who is straightening their hair will need to take the heating tool.

Secondly, they should run the heating tool only through the top layers of her hair.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there is no need to bring down the heating tool towards the body. In a few words, lift up the hair along with bringing the arms above the head.

Moreover, they should be outwards pointing towards the sky. 

Doing and following this procedure will lift and bring up your hair roots slightly in order to avoid the condition in which the top part of the hair becomes flat against your scalp.

However, you have to do and finish the entire top side (layer) of your hair until, and unless the results satisfy you with the output volume. 

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Smoothing out and ironing the fly-aways:

After achieving the desired volume, what more do you want? Wait, no need to confuse yourself. You must be developing another wish in your mind of smoothing out the maximum possible flyaways along with baby hairs that are present or grow around your ears and face.

Yes, reaching out to these small and tiny areas is a really tough job. It can even cause and lead you towards burning yourself if you are not attentive or careful with the task. Therefore, taking and following precautions is a must for every user. 

Doing straightening on the small hair present around your ears requires extra care and precaution. However, the process is the same. It does not require at all a different technique.

The only biggest difference you will observe is that you will be following and using a dissimilar angle for each and every hair section near to your ear. The section of hair present behind your ear will require you to work and straighten in a totally downward direction.

The subdivisions at your front side will probably cause all of you to bring your heating tool (straightener or flat iron) near to the face. However, you will even have to push it back and out from your own body.

You just have to accomplish and do it really slowly, along with making sure that you aren’t touching your ears with that heating tool or iron.

In order to give a straight and beautiful look to the baby hairs that are grown up around your face might seem an easy task to you, but honestly telling all of you, it can even burn the forehead easily.

You can ask any individual who is currently using or has used a hot comb or flat iron in their past as well. They will tell you the complete story of how a straightener can burn your head straightaway. 

In a nutshell, the only instruction every one of you has to follow is to hold and grab your hair as far (away from the head or ear) as possible.

Each finger which you are using during the straightening task should be present at the extreme end of each hair strand. Furthermore, after taking the flat iron, you have to shut it (clamp) as close to your hair root.

Do not forget to keep the tool away and up from your forehead. Slowly run it downwards through the remaining hair strands. In case of using any hot comb, put its teeth under your hair along with moving it in an upward direction. 

This process is really quick as you won’t need to stick to one section for less than one to two seconds, no matter which tool you are using at that time.

How to keep a new hairstyle plus tips for maintaining it?

Now, all of you who are following these straightening steps are almost at the last step. In other words, in order to finish the look, it’s the right stage to lock your hair and give them a frizz-free look. It will help you to look pretty and fresh throughout a busy routine. 

But how can anyone attain this freshness and beauty (frizz-free look)? The only way to get this type of hair is to use good, high-quality, and well-known anti-frizz sprays.

Usually, most of these anti-frizz sprays will perform the actions of anti-frizz serum and hairsprays. Therefore, you will be able to get the best straightening results within a single anti-frizz spray bottle. 

This hairspray will freeze (lock) the hairstyle (straight style) in order to avoid the stubborn curls from coming. Moreover, it won’t let the moisture start the texturizing and worsening of hair in the middle of your day.

The task of an anti-frizz serum is to keep and fix the small hair in their place, along with making sure that the hairstyle remains polished and sleek.

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How do you care afterward?

This section is basically on the aftercare that everyone needs to follow strictly. If you are not at all willing to redo or go through the same process of styling every passing day, especially people who have long and healthy hair, you must desire to make this style look the same for a longer time.

In order to maintain them, you should keep the hair as straight as possible even at night. Thus, you have to repeat the same procedure you did one night before straightening your hair.

In simple words, braid your hair. But take the hair and tie a really loose and comfortable braid so that it does not produce any sort of wave in your hair. Place a loose hair tie. A ribbon is better because it is much softer and does not lead to any indentations. 

After waking up in the morning, open the braid and brush the hair gently. This process will maintain straight hair and no need to repeat the straightening method again.

Giving a little touch up with the help of any heating tool in order to attain freshness is recommendable. 

Do not shower your hair:

In order to keep the hair straight for more than one day, do not wash the hair. People with oily scalps might face problems.

Most people do not need to use any shampoo or conditioner within the day, but if they want to keep and maintain their style for the entire week, they should use dry shampoo.

After brushing down the natural oil till the hair ends, you can take help from a dry shampoo.

It will help the roots to look fresh and avoid the greasy feeling. Shake the dry shampoo bottle vigorously and spray it on the roots. Leave the spray overnight and brush it in the morning.

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