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NUTRAFOL Review 2021 – Best Hair Loss Product In Town Now!

When you look at your head, you spot some bald patches on the hairline. The first thing that comes in our mind is the treatment for it, and we think if there is something we can do about it.

Well, there is a way to completely stop and undo the hair-thinning problem through dietary supplements.

When the companies in the market promise to give supplements and other products which can improve your look and well-being, then the main thing which comes in mind, will it be useful? Will it affect? How will it work?

Nutrafol is one of the hair dietary supplements which tends to fulfill the promise of hair-thinning problem.

Below will be a detailed discussion over Nutrafol, about its ingredients and how fast it works and comparing it with other hair supplement products.


  • Products Name:  Nutrafol Nutraceutical Supplement
  • Country:  USA (New York)
  • Price:  Price May Vary From Different Websites.
  • Manufacturer:  Nutraceutical Wellness Inc.
  • Target:  Both Genders (Males and Females)


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Nutrafol is a product that is mostly recommended to treat hair loss. This product has a different range of ingredients which are tested scientifically and have proved that they can solve hair thinning and hair loss problem

Nutrafol has a unique blend of nutrients that actively solves hair problems, which includes hair loss and hair thinning.

A study has been published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology about neutral’s ingredients and the way they work to help grow hair and make them fuller and thicker.

A study done on women who were using Nutrafol for six months showed an increased rate of hair growth, hair density, and better-looking hair.

Nutrafol is available in three editions, men, women, and women plus. Nutrafol is formulated with ingredients that have clinically shown to improve hair growth by treating other hair problems, which are caused by stress, hormonal, metabolism, nutrition, and the environment.

Nutrafol for women is to improve hair growth, fuller look, and shine. It has got natural ingredients for chronic stress and fatigue.

Nutrafol for women plus is for women to use before or after menopause. It is formulated with hormone supportive ingredients for hair growth.


Nutrafol ingredients

The idea behind this product is to make sure hair follicles get complete nutrition, which they need for proper hair growth so that every new hair strand is healthy and thick.

Therefore, the ingredients in this product are a blend of different nutrients and vitamins, which are necessary for proper and healthy hair growth.

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Nutrafol is blended with different herbs and amino acids packed in 530mg. Amino acids may include:

  • Lysine: This is important for hair growth.

There are also other ingredients used to make this blend, such as:

  • Horsetail extract
  • Cysteine Hydrochloride
  • Solubilised keratin
  • Bioperine
  • Capsimax extract
  • Resveratrol extract

As the above-listed ingredients are a proprietary blend, therefore is unknown how much of these ingredients are used in this product.


The synergic complex is all about a formulation which consists of DHT inhibitors with great antioxidants and amazing stress adaptogen.

Below are the ingredients which are also a major part of this combine.


Ashwagandha is an Indian herb known as Indian ginseng or wild cherry. This herb is botanical and has a wide range of biological effects.

The use has been in place for centuries in Ayurveda to cure, deliver energy, and confront with symptoms of stress.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that has a great ability to recover and resist the symptoms of stress. Thus, Ashwagandha has a legit tendency to C- reactive protein, stress hormones, and cortisol.


Curcumin use has been present for centuries for issues like liver disease and respiratory problems. Curcumin amends the activity of enzymes, growth factors, and other numerous signaling pathways.

Curcumin counteracts the inflammatory factors of hair loss without any side effects. The side effect part is a very normal thing with other anti-inflammatory supplements/medicines.

Curcumin inhibits unusual androgen receptors (AR), which plays an important role in hair growth. Curcumin comes from turmeric.

It has a big role in supporting the immune system and fights with molecules that disrupt hair growth.

Tocotrienols complex or Tocopherols:

This ingredient belongs to the vitamin E family. These vitamins are naturally antioxidant compounds that are extracted from vegetable oils such as palm oil, and other oils from nuts, seeds, and grains.

When these antioxidants are consumed orally such as Tocopherols and Tocotrienols, they lessen the stress levels, which helps in stopping or reducing hair fall.

As the activity of antioxidants is more on the scalp. Therefore, it helps to lower the stress and provides better hair growth.

In addition, these antioxidants are clinically tested, and proven compound helps hair to grow in a healthier and thicker way. 

Saw palmetto:

This hormone can shrink the hair follicles. Saw palmetto prevents this shrinking of hair follicles, and this can lead to hair thickening.

Marine Collagen:

Collagen is commonly extracted from marine sources for use in Nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals containing collagen improves hair growth. 

Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is mostly recommended for skincare. However, it is also better for the hair as well.

It helps to prevent the scalp from drying and thinning of hair. It acts as a fertilizer because it increases hair growth and improves thickness of hair.

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Nutrafol has a chemically extracted combination of natural ingredients that comes straight from nature.

These ingredients are packed with nutrients, which gives a better and promising result for hair growth and treatment. The ingredients in this product are:

Cayenne pepper extract:

Cayenne pepper is known for its combat towards the effect of stress and supports protein production in the body. It helps to balance a neuropeptide which is found in our body which thins hair due to stress. Cayenne pepper in Nutrafol is easily digestible without gastric irritation. 


Biotin is an essential water-soluble vitamin and is one of the building blocks of hair. Nutrafol has a high level of biotin as it is needed to strengthen hair, along with struggle from dryness and breakage. 

Horsetail herb:

Horsetail herb contains a high level of silica. Silica acid increases the strength of hair along with thickness. This also reduces the brittleness of hair as 7% of silica is added in Nutrafol, which promotes healthy hair and growth. 


L-lysine is an essential amino acid that is responsible for hair growth and density of hair, especially in those who have hair issues. L-lysine shows great potential when they work with Methionine. 


L-Methionine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for hair growth. This amino acid is rich in sulfur mineral, which promotes overall scalp health. 

Black pepper fruit extract:

Piperine is added about 95%, as it is an active element in black pepper. Piperine absorbs bioactive nutrients, which is necessary for hair that is healthy.

This element helps to absorb minerals, and vitamins, and other nutrients from Nutrafol, which utilizes more effectively for healthy hair growth.


Resveratrol is an antioxidant that helps to defend the scalp from oxidative stress. Resveratrol is known for its enhancement of hair growth and overall hair quality. Nutrafol gets the Resveratrol from Japanese knotweed. It is a perennial plant. 

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient necessary for hair maintenance. It works with zinc to reduce the dying and clogging of glands in the scalp.

Vitamin A in Nutrafol is in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is amazing and important for vitamin A. Moreover, it changes vitamin A when our human body needs it. 


Selenium supports antioxidant enzymes that protect from damaging cells and are beneficial for hair health as well.

Another benefit of selenium is that it helps to maintain thyroid activity, which benefits the metabolic system and supports hair growth. 

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is the key to healthy hair maintenance and growth. The deficiency of vitamin D leads to hair issues such as hair weakness. In Nutrafol, vitamin D also helps to reduce stress-related damage to hair. 

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a well-known and popular antioxidant. Its main function is to protect collagen and preserve existing collagen, which is used to prevent hair from damage. 

Organic kelp:

This kelp is a rich source of iodine and other micronutrients. In Nutrafol, this organic kelp is the source form natural and clean kelp beds on earth. Iodine’s main function is to maintain thyroid activity, which is important for proper and healthy hair growth. 


Zinc is an essential mineral as it is important for 300 metabolic functions along with cell reproduction and maintain hormonal balance. It is also essential to make collagen and helps to balance the oils in the scalp.


Nutrafol bottle

Nutrafol is a bottle of 120 pills from which one pill has to be taken four times per day.

As Nutrafol is an herbal product, it can be taken with other medications as well. It is a fat-soluble medicine, so for better absorption, it must be taken with meals. 

It is recommended to use the pill for people who are 18 years and above. 

It is recommended not to be used by pregnant and lactating women, as there has not been any thorough research for this purpose.


There are many factors, which compromise hair health, which include stress, digestive system, and other mental and physical things that can impact hair maintenance. However, there is a customized way to improve hair wellness through science and nature.

This combination of solutions helps to get better hair maintenance and growth of hair. Nutrafol is the product that gets to the root of the problem, solves the issue such as rejuvenating hair roots and prevents hair from falling, making them healthy and thick.

Ingredients used in Nutrafol are all-natural, and all have different ways to make our hair healthy and prevent it from damage.

Ingredients in Nutrafol have been studied and proven to effective for hair maintenance. Hair fall or hair damage is from stress and other problems, which affects our scalp.

The ingredients help to oxidize those stress-related problems, which causes hair to fall and become thin vitamins in Nutrafol help to give strength and growth to the hair and preventing them from further damage. 

Thyroids cause problems, especially to the hair. Selenium in Nutrafol helps to maintain the thyroid system and causes hair fall prevention and damage. 

As all the ingredients are safe and natural, therefore, it is easy to use, and the effects are well known and promising. 


Nutrafol before and after

There are various varieties of hair supplements and vitamins. It becomes difficult to find the perfect hair solution as the market is full of different range of hair products.

People who have been using Nutrafol are happy with the result and have experienced the hair in a better position such as hair thickening, and the growth is remarkable.

People with fragile and brittle hair, now have hair that is strengthened and has increased in volume. However, people who use Nutrafol say that it is expensive.

Even though there are other products in the market with the same ingredients and reasonable price rates, Nutrafol has its own pros and cons.

Let us compare Nutrafol with other hair supplements.


Viviscal is also a hair growth formula that is cheaper than Nutrafol. Viviscal price is $50 as the price for Nutrafol is $79.

Viviscal dosage per day is two pills; on the other hand, four pills per day are the dosage of Nutrafol. People who do not wish to take pills will prefer Viviscal to Nutrafol.

 More trials that are clinical have been tested of Viviscal as compared with Nutrafol. The reason behind it is because Viviscal is present longer than Nutrafol.

A number of ingredients are less in Viviscal as of Nutrafol main ingredient, which makes Viviscal special is Amino Mar, whereas Nutrafol has a mixture of premium blends.

This way, you can easily understand the ingredients individually before using Nutrafol as in contrast to Viviscal.

Viviscal has four varieties of products. On the other hand, Nutrafol is a pill-based supplement that has all in one combination of hair growth ingredients for both men and women.


Folexin is also a hair supplement with more ingredients than Nutrafol. Therefore, it provides better hair maintenance than Nutrafol.

Nutrafol is for $79 and lasts up to one month, whereas; Folexin costs $18 per bottle and lasts for one month as well.

One advantage of Folexin is that when you buy more than one bottle of Folexin, they give you a discount, as this offer is not available in Nutrafol. 

People who use Folexin have reported the regrowth of hair in the first two months of use while in Nutrafol, it takes up to three months to effect. 


Nutrafol is available on its official website that is

On its official website, the price of Nutrafol is $79 per bottle. The first subscription is auto-shipping. However, you can cancel the subscription, but it will take time to process. 

It is also available on different online sources such as e-bay, Amazon, and Wal-Mart. On wall-mart, the price of Nutrafol is $89, as it is higher than its original price.

On e-bay, prices differ, so you have to compare prices to get the best deal. Prices are almost the same on Amazon; however, there is no need for subscribing to Amazon as compared with the Nutrafol Official Website.

Nutrafol product range


Before selling the product out in the market, the company spends almost a third of its profit on testing the ingredients clinically also to ensure the results are promising, and the product is made from the highest quality of ingredients. Therefore, by mentioning that, Nutrafol works. 

People, who used Nutrafol on the scalp where there was no hair, saw baby hair on that part of the scalp within three months of use of Nutrafol. Clinical trials showed that people who used Nutrafol not only showed improvement in their hair but also showed a positive result in their overall body.

They noticed their skin glowing day-by-day and overall feeling of wellness.


Despite the fact that ingredients of Nutrafol are natural, it still has some side effects. People who used Nutrafol complain about stomachache and cramping.  

As the recommended dosage of Nutrafol is four pills per day, this makes it 720 pills a month, which can be heavy for the blood. Therefore, taking too many Nutrafol pills can be unhealthy. 

In addition, Nutrafol is fat-soluble. Therefore, it has to be taken with a meal. If not taking according to the instructions, the results can be much slower than expected.


Q-1 Who Can Use a Nutrafol?

A: everyone above 18 years of age can use Nutrafol. Pregnant and lactating women cannot use it as there is little research on this topic.

Q- 2 What Hair Type Is This Product Suitable?

A: Nutrafol (due to its ingredients) is just wow and suitable for all types of hair. The result may vary due to different hair texture. Curly hair will get straight hair, and straight and oval-shaped will get curly hair.

Q- 3 How Safe Is It To Use Nutrafol?

A: Nutrafol is a blend of natural ingredients, and therefore, it is safe to use. People who have used this product have shown a positive result, and the results are effective as they use the product.

Q- 4 What Is Likely To Happen If I Miss A Pill Of Nutrafol For A Day?

A: it is better to stay consistent. However, even if u miss a pill, you can continue the pill the next day, as missing a pill won’t affect the process. 

Q-5 What Results Should I Expect From Nutrafol?

A: Everyone has different hair growth and texture. Therefore, it may take time for the result to be visible. It is better to use the pill with consistency to get better and fast results.


On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) platform, this company has been graded C rating. This rating is below par as this company produces a high-quality product. 

However, two files have been posted regarding subscription. As the complaint was about, the subscription has been automatically charged, and there was no way to cancel the subscription.

Another complaint was about the email and the company’s phone. The phone line connects to the answering machine, and there is no customer support.


Nutrafol has a very effective reaction on hair for both men and women. Benefits of Nutrafol include hair growth and overall hair maintenance. This product helps to grow back hair and stops hair thinning. 

As hair loss and hair, thinning is the issue for most men and women; therefore, this product is effective and gives a promising result for both. Even though it has a bit of con, but still the results are promising, and people using this product are satisfied by it. 

There are other products in the market supporting hair maintenance, but results are somewhat not up to the mark. Nutrafol is effective, and the results are quite promising.

 It is available on its official website and can be auto-shipped when subscribed for the first time.

There are other websites as well who sell Nutrafol; it is better to buy it from its official website for a high-quality product.

Therefore, for better hair maintenance and wellness, Nutrafol is the best product which takes care of not only hair problem but also the overall body as well. 

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