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SUGARBEAR HAIR Review – Something Effective In Town

Everyone wants to look pretty. But to look beautiful, they need to have healthy hair and fresh skin. If you are one of the people who are trying hard to get these qualities in you, then we will tell you an easy way.

SUGARBEAR HAIR Review is a complete combo of interesting facts and informative detailing. It has all the details that you can be asking.

Be ready to welcome your better hair after reading this review, buying a product, and using it.

Sugarbear hair vitamins are those chewy gummies that will help you a lot.

Let’s have a look at everything about these gummies.

Review of SugarBear hair:

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It is a product by a young woman (Nicole Nightly). The woman is from Miami, and her real name was Nicole Christine Johnson.

The brand belongs to a famous holding company known as Besweet Creations LLC. In 2015, the company got its first registration.

Nicole and her friend took the step of registration. Before the launch of this famous product, Nichole Nightly was running a beauty blog channel on Youtube. However, this channel was not that beneficial or productive for her.

Therefore, she created the Skinny Fox Detox. It is a 100 percent organic program of detoxifying tea. But what gave the world popularity to Nicole was the development of Sugarbear hair gummies.


Sugarbear hair is one of the fastest-selling and best vitamins available on Amazon.

The product promises to promote the healthy growth of your hair. It makes your hair shinier and stronger. These chewable hair vitamins are a USA-based product.

These hair supplements hold the position of being the first gummy vitamins for hair.

They not only make your hair strong and shiny but also help you to deal with several problems. You can use them to treat flaky scalps, dandruff issues, and hair loss problems.

These supplements are available in a six-month, one-month, or three-month package.

You can easily buy them from their official website (worldwide shipment). One more plus point about sugarbear hair is that its taste is quite delicious and good.

Benefits of Sugarbear hair:

You cannot simply go and buy a product without even knowing the benefits it will provide to you.

It’s better that you know whether this product will be good for you or not. We will highlight some of the main benefits.

  • Support in increasing the length.
  • It aims to provide complete nutrients that are necessary for hair growth.
  • Sugarbear hair tends to prevent breakage.
  • Increases and improves the elasticity of hair.  
  • The chewable vitamins will reduce and prevent split ends.

Side effects:

So far, there have been no side effects reported against Sugarbear hair gummies because these gummies are safe to consume.

However, taking biotin in high amount can disturb your monitoring, if you are going to have a test for any medical issue. These issues include a test for hormone levels or thyroid.

But over-consuming biotin has rare and minimal side effects. Still, it is better that you consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. He will guide you with the best solutions and techniques. 


Sugarbear hair ingredients

The most important thing that you need to consider is what are the ingredients that make up this amazing product. We will be telling you the ingredients along with the details.


Biotin is the most important and dominant element present in these gummies. You can also call Biotin a Vitamin B7.

It supports growing healthy hair. Moreover, the ingredient tends to maintain and improve the look of your nails and hair.

One symptom that clearly indicates the deficiency of biotin is that your hair starts to become thin or discolor.

When a person starts to consume biotin, his hair becomes strong due to the support it is providing to the hair keratin.

Keratin is quite important for your nails, hair, and even the skin. For adults, the right amount of biotin intake is 30 mcg.

You can even get it through the foods you are eating. Eating two gummies per day will give you 5000 mcg (biotin).


Palmitate or vitamin A is another beneficial ingredient present in these tasty gummies.

It will regulate and improve the circulation of oxygen in the blood. As we all know, to grow the cells will require Vitamin A.

Therefore, you cannot ignore this ingredient. It will help your skin glands to produce sebum.

Sebum is an oily substance that helps in moisturizing your scalp. This substance includes excellent antioxidant features that protect hair follicles from damaging, falling, or shedding.

Keep in mind that a deficiency of vitamin A can cause various issues. It can even cause severe hair fall.

Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C:

Ascorbic acid is one of the most dominant antioxidants one can find. It helps in creating collagen.

Collagen is basically a protein that plays a vital role in your hair structure. Like Vitamin A, deficiency of Vitamin C can also lead to several hair problems.

It can cause split ends and dryness in the hair. Free radicals that our body naturally produces also damage your hair by weakening them.

It makes them brittle, thin, and way too dry. In other words, ascorbic acids prevent or minimizes free radicals development.

According to some people, by taking a lot of Vitamin C, they are getting strong, healthy, shiny, and thick hair.

Vitamin E:

Like other vitamins, Vitamin E also tends to contain some antioxidant properties. These natural antioxidants will prevent your hair from falling.

It will also refill your hair with a shine that vanishes after using different hair styling products and heating tools.

Moreover, it can also reduce the fine lines along with wrinkles that start to appear on your skin with increasing age.

Vitamin E will also prevent the formation of free radicals and increase the hair’s strength.

Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6:

It is a member (important) of the Vitamin B family. It supports hair retaining moisture and bringing oxygen to your scalp.

Moreover, it will accelerate your hair growth. It normalizes the sebaceous glands activities and helps in maintaining the freshness of your hair for a longer time.

A combination of zinc and Vitamin B6 leads to blocking or stopping the DHT formation in your body. This substance is a major reason for hair fall. Zinc is also present in sugarbear hair.

Folic Acid:

You can also call Folic acid Vitamin B9. It is one of the main ingredients which helps to produce healthy and thick hair growth. Consuming folic acid will help in smoothening the cell’s function.

According to various studies, folic acid is quite helpful for males who are suffering from pattern baldness.

However, the deficiency of folic acid leads to premature graying. A combination of folic acid along with biotin is quite helpful for your hair.

Vitamin B12:

If you think that it is an essential ingredient just for your hair, then you are wrong. Vitamin B1 is beneficial for your health, as well.

It helps the nerves of your body to work properly and efficiently. This mineral creates red blood cells and provides oxygen to your scalp.

Pantothenic (Vitamin B5):

It will maintain the health of your skin. In simple words, pantothenic keeps your skin fresh and glow.

Moreover, it will provide hair with important nutrients. The deficiency of Vitamin B5 can disturb the steady growth of your hair. It will also replace your lost hair that was a result of hair shedding.

Coconut Oil:

You must know that this oil is completely natural. It will help in growing long and thick hair at a faster rate.

Moreover, coconut oil supports maintaining the healthiness and strength of the scalp. It contains important fatty acids along with essential vitamins.

These minerals help in nourishing your scalp. It eliminates the formation of sebum.

Some other important ingredients:

You will also find different natural ingredients in sugarbear hair gummies. Some of the are:

  • Iodine
  • Inositol
  • Zinc
  • Glucose syrup
  • Choline
  • Pectin
  • Sugar and water
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium Citrate and natural flavors
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Blue 1 (color) and Carnuba Wax

Are these chewy gummy vitamins safe for you?

Many ingredients that are present in SugarBear hair are completely safe and effective.

However, Titanium Dioxide or Blue 1 that helps give the signature blue color to the supplements is not good for many people.

According to various studies, this ingredient has caused many health issues to some people. However, each ingredient that makes these gummies that includes the artificial color has gained approval from the FDA.

Therefore, Blue 1 is completely safe in the USA. The list of ingredients available on the packaging of Sugarbear hair is present according to their concentration.

Thus, the list says that the dosage of these ingredients is low and won’t harm your health. 

Are these gummies a vegan product?

We would like to tell you that sugarbear hair gummies are not vegan. However, they are vegetarian products. You will find several gummies and jellos in the marketplace.

But these products do not lie under the vegan category because they contain gelatin. But do you know that these chewy gummies do not contain gelatin?

You might be wondering, then why are we calling it non-vegan?

It is because the Vitamin D present in sugarbear hair is an extract of wool. However, the company is trying its best to convert these gummies into vegan products.


Sugar bear hair complete pack

We need to be honest at this point. The brand, SugarBear, appears to be a healthy product. Intake of sugarbear supplements is something entirely different instead of other supplements.

Sugarbear gummies show effective results when customers consume them twice a day without fail.

However, many customers commented that they were unable to take any other supplements consistently.

It has berry flavoring, which makes it fantastic and fun to have them. Guess what? Many had to control themselves from taking more than the recommended dose. Its berry flavor is very tempting.

According to the customers who had dyed hair, had a lot of styling, blow-drying, and heat damage on several occasions, they found this product effective enough to revive the bad looks and health of their hair. 

Usage of Product for a month:

You must be wondering about choices like extensions. If you wish for luscious locks such as Angels of Victoria’s Secret within a month.

The results are not visible within a month, but their results are visible after some months.

This result is the reason the company sells this product in either three months or six months packs.

After the continuous and consistent usage of three months, the shine of the hair improved considerably, but no effect was visible on the growth of the hair.

There is an average of 1.25 cm of growth per month generally, and the hair has the same growth.

So, no effects of this product. Further effects are visible in terms of thickness and shine, but no effect on the growth is visible or evident.

Instructions for its use:

According to the given instructions of the brand, it is a must to take two gummies of sugarbear every day.

It must not increase to more than two. That’s not all! You can take it with anything, whether it’s a glass of juice, dessert or dinner.

For better results, you must use it consistently and regularly. 

Where to buy these gummies from?

The most authentic and easiest way is to purchase Sugarbear hair gummies from the official website.

It will prevent you from any fraud or problem. The delivery of these products is from the USA.

The shipping cost of the gummies begins from $5. But this amount is for people living in the USA.

However, for international shipping, the cost will be $8. Moreover, you can also purchase Sugarbear hair from Amazon. You won’t have to pay for the shipment cost. 

We have already told you that this product is available in three sizes.

Supply for:

  • 1-Month
  • 3-Months
  • 6-Months

If you are deciding to buy a bulk of it from their Official Webpage, then the price for each bottle will be less for you.

Shipping of these gummies is possible within the whole world. The average time it will require to be delivered is as follows:

  • The USA – 5 to 7 days
  • Australia – 3 weeks
  • The United Kingdom – 9 days
  • Canada or France – 12 days
  • Switzerland or Germany – 14 days
  • Other countries – almost 3 to 4 weeks
buy Sugarbear hair vitamins

Is it worth it to buy Sugarbear Hair Vitamins?

According to some reviews, using the product for a continuous six months, the consumers were able to notice a good change in their hair’s strength and shine.

However, the results of this painless treatment are good, but you cannot call them a great result.

The product is not bad. If you are having a deficiency of vitamins, then these gummies are completely worth it. It is because they will provide you with almost all of the essential vitamins that promote hair growth.

Thus, it does not contain amino acids and protein that creates the base of your hair. You have to keep in mind that the results vary for everyone.

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